Convert your
project files back to earlier versions of After Effects

From CC 2019 to CS6 in seconds.

If you need to convert After Effects AEP project files from a newer to an older version, even from CC 2019 (16.0) to CS6 (11.0), without all the hassle of installing all previous versions of After Effects, you are in the right place.

Why an older version?

There are many reasons why you might prefer to jump a few generations back and work with an older version of After Effects: project compatibility, corporate policy, your company's team guidelines, stability, speed and performance, the removed features you need to use such as multiprocessor rendering, H264 or Quicktime support, the ability to save an RAM Preview directly to MP4 and hundreds of other reasons. 

Official Way vs Smart Way

The official way to convert projects to an older version

Unfortunately if you want to save a project file created in the newest version of After Effects as a file in a much older version you must:
 ○ install all intermediate versions of After Effects
 ○ launch the application
 ○ open your project
 ○ save it as the previous version
 ○ exit After Effects and launch its previous version
 ○ open your project
 ○ save it as the previous version
 ○ ... and so on.

Repeat these steps for every one of the intermediate After Effects versions, until you convert your project to your desired older version.

But there is a Fast and Smart way

Thanks to AEConvert you can save time and resources by bypassing this tedious process and converting your project in three simple steps:
 ○ securely upload your AEP project file
 ○ choose your desired project version - from CC 2019 (16.0) to CS6 (11.0)
 ○ download the converted file.

There is no need to upload any footage or collects - only your After Effects AEP file.

You can convert both Mac and Windows project files and it saves you the hassle of having to install all the previous versions of After Effects and give you freedom to use any version you want work with.

Features Highlight


Convert After Effects AEP project down between any versions from CC 2019 (16.0) down to CS6 (11.0).

Store and Access

Store and access all your converted project files in the cloud.


Share different project versions with your coworkers, freelancers and contractors.

CC Sync

Sync all your converted After Effects AEP project files with your Creative Cloud account.


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